Christine Thomas O'Meally
Christine Thomas O'MeallyProfessional Singer, Owner of Mezzoid Voice Studio

In April 2021, I hosted a two-day international online seminar called World Voice Weekend, in which I presented concerts and workshops and masterclasses (oh my!) on topics such as vocal health, the mind-body connection in singing, and acting. Izzie was one of my clinicians, and presented a workshop on Using the Voice in Storytelling. Her knowledge of acting technique, combined with her natural vibrancy and good humor, made the class an excellent experience for the students, who ranged in age from the pre-professional high school student to the professional performer and teacher.

Also, I have attended several masterclasses with actor Christian Borle which Izzie hosted (and I used him in WVW, thanks to her connections!), and she was a perfect host who kept everything moving.

Izzie is a veritable fount of ideas and energy and is a terrific colleague - I look forward to working with her again soon!

Petra Raspel
Petra RaspelVocal Coach, Mindset Coach, Owner of Singing Sense

I invited Izzie to do a Facebook Live for my clients who are dealing with performance anxiety before and during auditions. She is very methodical in her approach and has immense knowledge how to prepare efficiently so you can give your absolute best when it matters. At the same time, talking to her feels like talking to an old friend - Izzie has an innate ability to make you feel at ease, and you just instinctively know you're in good hands.

If you are an actor or performer who needs help with preparing for auditions and giving your absolute best, I cannot recommend Izzie highly enough.

Timber Ziegler
Timber ZieglerScholarship Student

Working with Izzie is always such a fun and exciting time! I love how in depth we dig into our song or monologue. I always come out of a session seeing such a difference in how my piece ends up looking and feeling!

She is wonderful at motivating and inspiring me to find the absolute best and most connection to the character we’re working on!

Heather Statham
Heather StathamProfessional Singer, Owner of Rock Out Your Rep

I'm thrilled to recommend Izzie! I've had the pleasure to work with her on several different occasions and she is fantastic! I was thrilled to be a part of her Open Mic Series and we had a blast. Not only is Izzie incredibly knowledgeable, but she's also just a nice person!! She is kind and considerate while being extremely motivating and inspiring. Anyone who works with Izzie and Live Out Loud Coaching is in great hands!!!

Stephanie Sabin
Stephanie SabinBoard President of NATS San Diego, Owner of Sabin Vocal Studio

Izzie’s awesome!! So kind and thoughtful when working with students. Patient, inviting, funny and relaxed!
Izzie was a guest teacher for my studio last Spring and I’m hoping to book her again this Spring! She did great work with everyone and all I heard after the class were good and empowering ideas on how to think about characters and implementation.

Thank you again Izzie for sharing your wonderfulness!!! Xoxo

Cora Frank
Cora FrankCollege Applicant

I had a blast and learned a lot [from Izzie]! Not only through the Facebook units or her inspirational blog posts on her website, but also as a participant of a recent masterclass with Katja Maria Slotte. I can't wait to join the next masterclass and dive deeper into personal online coaching with Izzie.

Sara Glancy
Sara GlancyProfessional Actress, Owner of the Audition Rep Matchmaker

Izzie is a wonderfully warm-hearted human who is incredibly dedicated to her craft!

Nicole Noll
Nicole NollAvocational Performer

Ever since I started working with Izzie, I have made fundamental progress through our presence work! I appreciate her honesty and patience. Sessions are hard work but also FUN!

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