Book your Initial Fit Session!

The Initial Fit Session is the first step on our joint storytelling-journey.

In this session, we will discuss your long-term goals, create a plan of action for reaching these goals and work on a piece of rep (a monologue or a song) to spark the creative process right away.

I will provide value that you can apply to all areas of your artistry and create an individual lesson plan for you.

The Audition Brand Audit

You keep submitting for the gigs of your dreams but never get called in for the roles you're 100% right for?

In this one-off Zoom session, we will join forces and revamp your resumé, your website, your audition book, your headshots and your cover letters to paint a compelling picture for casting directors.

LOLA – The Live Out Loud Academy

LOLA is an online intensive for theatre performers without a degree who want to book professional gigs.

It is a highly personalised combination of 1:1 lessons and monthly group class! This program guarantees you a regular spot on Izzie's calendar and loads of other perks!

Upcoming Events

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