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How to Warm Up for Auditions

I was honored to be guest #1 on Zoe Stibi’s Videocast in late 2020. We talked for three hours about warming up for auditions, audition strategies and SO MUCH MORE. Not to worry, though, Zoe worked her magic and put the highlights into a 25-minute Youtube video. Izzie xo.

Recapitulating 2020

What a year it’s been! I think it’s safe to say that it didn’t go the way most of us expected. I for one started the year with an audition for the musical Young Frankenstein at the Bonn Opera House in Germany. I had decided that I wanted to be on tour less and felt …

6 Reasons Why Your Storytelling (Kinda) Blows

I’ve been asked to identify the most common reasons why actors feel disconnected from their storytelling. So, welcome to my latest segment: 6 Reasons Why Your Storytelling (Kinda) Blows 1. You use your lines as a crutch rather than an expression of the underlying emotion. 2. You don’t take any pauses. Your character needs to …