6 Reasons Why Your Storytelling (Kinda) Blows

I’ve been asked to identify the most common reasons why actors feel disconnected from their storytelling. So, welcome to my latest segment:

6 Reasons Why Your Storytelling (Kinda) Blows

1. You use your lines as a crutch rather than an expression of the underlying emotion.

2. You don’t take any pauses. Your character needs to think about what to say next, too, sometimes.

3. You wing your entire performance every time. It’s called being unprepared!

4. You take every line that’s written for your character at face value. (Everybody lies sometimes, if only to themselves.)

5. Your character “dies” whenever you don’t have a line. (The magic happens between the lines.)

6. You use music as a crutch rather than an extension of your emotion.

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of one of the above! (I’m sure I am too!) Not to worry!

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Izzie xo.

Izzie xo.

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