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Fundraiser for Parkinson’s Research

As a fundraiser for Parkinson’s Research, I will be walking a 5k on June 18, 2022. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to The Michael J. Fox Foundation’s research programs. Any amount is welcome! 😊 Make a donation, receive a coaching! Donation Coaching Regular Price $25 Video Review €30 ≈ $31 $50 45-minute Monologue …

Alex Brightman Online Masterclass

Alex Brightman is coming to the studio for an Online Masterclass on Nov 20 at 1.30pm EST! He will work with six performers on their audition cuts! You may either work with Alex directly or simply observe the masterclass. If you’d like to work with him directly, send an email to! I’ll then send …


Monologues in Musicals

Guess what, there are monologues in musicals! Thus, your acting skills are more important than you may think. When people think of musicals, they think about songs first. Not many people can think of examples of monologues from musicals from the top of their heads. Here are only two to jog your memory. 😉 1. …

How to Warm Up for Auditions

I was honored to be guest #1 on Zoe Stibi’s Videocast in late 2020. We talked for three hours about warming up for auditions, audition strategies and SO MUCH MORE. Not to worry, though, Zoe worked her magic and put the highlights into a 25-minute Youtube video. Izzie xo.

6 Reasons Why Your Storytelling (Kinda) Blows

I’ve been asked to identify the most common reasons why actors feel disconnected from their storytelling. So, welcome to my latest segment: 6 Reasons Why Your Storytelling (Kinda) Blows 1. You use your lines as a crutch rather than an expression of the underlying emotion. 2. You don’t take any pauses. Your character needs to …

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